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“At the last concert of the same season, on March 30th, 1855, Piatti produced his 'Bergamasca'.
A critic explained that a Bergamasca was a dance resembling a Saltarello having is origin at Bergamo.[…]”

(Morton Latham, Alfredo Piatti, W.E. HILL AND SONS, London, 1901, p. 97)

“According to the cellist Piatti, himself a native of Bergamo, the characteristic dance of that district, like a country dance, but quicker, with a strong accent on the second half of the bar.
Piatti himself published a ‘Bergamasca’ for cello and pianoforte (Op. 14) which partakes of this character.”

(rev. William Barclay Squire in Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Fifth Edition, edited by Eric Blom in nine volumes, 1954.)

In my revision of the Bergamasca I have tried to maintain Piatti’s original annotations on fingerings and bowing by writing them above the notes in the cello part. I have given my own suggestions under the notes as possible solutions.

Christian Bellisario

Opera details:
La Bergamasca op. 14
for cello and piano

Alfredo Piatti Cello Collection
Editor Christian Bellisario

Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, PVH 815


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