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Listen to the beginning of "Danza Moresca"

The Danza Moresca is the last piece composed by Alfredo Piatti. As Morton Latham says in his Alfredo Piatti, a Sketch, the Danza Moresca was finished on the last day of 1900 and was then performed by Alfredo Piatti with his daughter Rosa, "with all of his usual brilliance" at a party for friends at his daughter's house on New Year's Eve of 1901. Alfredo Piatti was seventy-nine at the time.
The piece is fanciful, with a great sense of the dance and its energy, and shows a sincere joie de vivre. Moreover, from the point of wiew of cello technique, the effect of the "gruppetto", with its harmonic sounds in the central part of the piece, is very interesting.
As V. Camplani points out in his Alfredo Piatti; cenni biografici (1902): 'The Danza Moresca is a com¬position which is full of grace and youthful energy: Verdi ended his career with a comic opera, Piatti with a dance!".

In my revision of the Danza Moresca I wanted to preserve, by marking above the notes in the cello part, the author's original annotations for fingering and bowing. Under the notes are some of my sugge¬stions, among many possible solutions.

Christian Bellisario

Opera details:
Danza moresca
for cello and piano

Alfredo Piatti Cello Collection
Editor Christian Bellisario

Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, PVH 756


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