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Listen to the beginning of "The race – La corsa"

The race - La corsa, originally with this dual title, was composed in 1894 in Crocette di Mozzo, near Bergamo, Alfredo Piatti was seventy-two at the time. According to V.Camplani's biography entitled Alfredo Piatti: cenni biografici (1902), Piatti wrote the piece in October after his traditional summer holiday in Italy. His precarious health and later operation had forced him to delay his return to London, which had been his home since 1847. His return was eagerly awaited and he was one of the performing lights in the capital's musical programmes.
As Camplani warmly notes Piatti suffered a great deal from his enforced absence from the London stage. When he recovered his health, and was able to end this absence he wrote the elegant and intense Entreaty and The race, a joyous piece bubbling over with enthusiasm and creativity. It is extremely likely, in tact, that it is his personal return to health with carries the piece.

I made the decision to keep Piatti's original fingering position notes above the violoncello part, which were in pencil on the original manuscript, so that the development of his musical-violoncello ideas can be clearly seen. I have also added my own fingering position suggestions below the notes to facilitate a brilliant execution.

Christian Bellisario

Piatti also produced another version of The race for violoncello and strings (Pizzicato PVH 787).

Opera details:
The race – La corsa
for cello and piano

Alfredo Piatti Cello Collection
Editor Christian Bellisario

Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, PVH 752

(See also The race for cello and string orchestra, PVH 787)


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