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Listen to the beginning of "Entreaty / Supplication / Bitte"

The Entreaty/Supplication/Bitte, like The race, was composed by Alfredo Piatti in 1894 at Crocette di Mozzo near Bergamo.
These two different yet in some way complimentary compositions were written as an expression of his feelings after an illness and an operation which had left him convalescing and still unable to hold his violoncello.
The Entreaty is a moving passage of great elegance, and illustrates the meditative nature of the violoncello, an instrument of the human voice. The piece opens in a minor tonality and then lightens with the central theme moving towards the light of hope brightening on the horizon, them closing softy in a major tonality.

I have tried to keep the original bows in my revision of the Entreaty; above the violoncello part notes I have left Piatti's original fingering position notes, while below the notes are some of my own suggestions.

Christian Bellisario

Alfredo Piatti also produced a version of Entreaty for cello and orchestra [flute, 2 clarinets in B flat, 2 bassoons,2 horns in F, strings] (Pizzicato PVH 788).
Is available ever a version for cello and strings orchestra (Pizzicato PVH 789), and a version for cello and string quartet (Pizzicato PVH 821), both adapted by Angelo Bellisario.
This piece also lends itself extremely well to violoncello and organ.

Opera details:
Entreaty / Supplication / Bitte
for cello and piano

Alfredo Piatti Cello Collection
Editor Christian Bellisario

Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, PVH 753

(See also Entreaty / Supplication / Bitte for cello and orchestra, PVH 788,
Entreaty / Supplication / Bitte for cello and strings orchestra, PVH 789
and Entreaty / Supplication / Bitte for cello and string quartet, PVH 821)


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