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AVE MARIA, SERENADE, AM MEER (Franz Schubert / Alfredo Piatti)

“In private performances with his daughter, he liked to play simple, sweet music: he would play Schubert, his favourite composer, again and again. Once he captivated his audience with the famous Ave Maria, which no musician could play better than he could.
But the piece that he almost always played by Schubert was Am Meer. What was he trying to say?
In the serene simplicity of the andante grave, sostenuto, and maestoso, it seemed as though the harmony was especially well-suited to his own stage in life, where he had arrived through the natural, unchangeable course of time: and in the way those solemn notes depicted the great, mysterious silence of the ocean, he found the tranquil, serene peace of mind that would let him get away from the frenzied, harried walks of life.”

(Dott.Vittorio Camplani, Alfredo Piatti, Bergamo 1902, page 56)

After studying cello with Alfredo Piatti, Frank D’Alquen, born in 1839 in London, also studied singing with Gaetano Nava and Visoni in Milan. He taught cello in Brighton, and appeared as a cello soloist as well a successful basso.

In my revision of the Ave Maria, Serenade, Am Meer I wanted to preserve Piatti’s original annotations for fingering and bowing by putting them above the notes in the cello part. Under the notes are some of my suggestions, among many possible solutions.

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Opera details:
Am Meer, Serenade, Ave Maria (Franz Schubert / Alfredo Piatti)
for cello and piano

Alfredo Piatti Cello Collection
Editor Christian Bellisario

Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, PVH 846
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